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Respect and cordiality
In the event that the content of the video session (insults, threats, denudation, assault, etc.) is outside of the context of the service offered on the Website rachidferrache.com, the video session itself would be immediately interrupted without the customer being able to Claiming any compensation. The Website rachidferrache.com reserves the right to follow up by a legal action of prosecution.

Greater Forces
The Website rachidferrache.com endeavors to maintain a stable and quality Internet connection during live sessions called LIVE. In the event that the customer has a poor quality connection and / or network also called "low bandwidth", and if the video service is interrupted for more than five (5) minutes, the rachidferrache.com Website will attempt a reconnection in order to better serve the customer. If these attempts were unsuccessful, the rachidferrache.com Website could not be held responsible. These attempts could in no case exceed five (5) minutes. The benefit then exceeded 10 (ten) minutes; its purchase and its amount would be declared like acquired by the Website rachidferrache.com. The customer cannot claim a refund of a session partially initiated for technical reasons imputed to him.

Audio / video recording of work sessions
In order to help the client better work the exercises proposed during the performances, the working sessions will be recorded in their entirety. The customer can access this registration via a unique and personal link. This recording will be visible only to him and hidden by the rest of the users. In no case will the client be able to broadcast this recording by any means whatsoever, social network or any diffusion, even partially, without an authorization of the Website rachidferrache.com. This record may only be used for personal review purposes. The customer undertakes to respect this confidentiality clause. Similarly, the client will not be able to use the services in return by offering them to other clients, friends or students, in order to propose the same methods of training and voice coaching as those offered on the Website rachidferrache.com. This recording is strictly personal. The dissemination of this record could result in immediate prosecution. The Website rachidferrache.com may propose to the customer to use extracts of this recording for promotional purposes. The customer can accept or reject this proposal.

The Website rachidferrache.com offers services and professional quality service and will make every effort to bring the customer to an optimum result. Nevertheless, the Website rachidferrache.com could not be held responsible for the inability of the client to achieve all its objectives. The Website rachidferrache.com proposing a range of exercises related to the voice, the music and the musicality, any result will be based only on the unique appreciations and knowledge of the coach Rachid Ferrache.

Payment of any session will be made before the start of the service by credit card, Paypal, or any other secure online payment services. Any suspicious or fraudulent payment would result in immediate prosecution. Beyond 10 (ten) minutes after the start of the service, the payment will be acquired in full and non-refundable as explained in the paragraph "Greater Forces".

All of the services offered on the Website rachidferrache.com comes from the knowledge and skills of the Vocal Coach and trainer Rachid Ferrache. In no case can these services be copied, derived and proposed on a Website with the same terms